I think it’s a confidence pull when I want those “bad guys.” that’s what attracts me. but I know, nothing special will come of it, nothing long-term. nothing needed. they come with the type of baggage that I’m not equipped for. I haven’t been through a hell of a lot. I’ve been quite fortunate, in my opinion. if you’re one of those “it could be worse” type people. for some reason, I like troubled guys. Their story always interests me, I like to be the one clear thing in their life. I like to comfort people. make their life seem better than it is. be optimistic when they don’t really understand what that means. I know I can be that for people, guys. an escape, an epiphany, a safe haven. I’m quiet, peaceful. you can hear yourself around me. I embrace silence, sometimes … create it. that’s refreshing to people. so many look for ways to fill the silence instead of enduring it. it bothers most people. makes them nervous, awkward. it calms me, brings me a sense of serenity. it bounces off of me and absorbs to others. it’s a trait they admire. I don’t judge, makes a bad guy feel like he has something good, makes them feel good, like someone believes in them. like they’re not as bad as they thought. I don’t know why I like making people feel good about themselves. ..


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