when the bad guys do good

so this high school guy I knew from hs, seems cool, but we never crossed paths, physically. we did the whole twitter & insta following and liking. he slid in my ask.fm. so I’m like, shit, like … what have I got to lose? lol. so we been texting. good convo. no creep shit. nothing about sex. invites me over, cooks … my fave breakfast😳😍 I love the little things in life so much that I become naive. it’s just thoughtful to me. had a blunt rolled already. like, fuck, he has my attention. doing shit I like. da fuq. / but whatevs. he’s got the slight “bad boy” title. I’ve seen him tear into girls via insta. like … damn. but … he’s all cool and shit. being decent. .. mhm, to be continued …


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